Our team of experienced healthcare professionals includes the Medical Director; Skilled Nurses; Certified Hospice Aides; Chaplain; Social Worker and Volunteers. 



Skilled Nurses

Summit Hospice registered and licensed nurses are highly trained and experienced in providing end-of-life care for patients wherever they live. They understand the unique needs of patients whether they live in a household of a loved one or in a nursing home facility.

  • Coordinate and implement the physician’s treatment plan.
  • Evaluate the patient and communicate changes or concerns in the patient’s care.
  • Do simple to complex wound care.
  • Review medications and schedule of medicines.
  • Teach patient, or loved one, about medications, and give instructions on those.
  • Interact with the patient’s family/caregivers, or others, who observe the patient on a routine basis to discuss the patient’s condition.


  • Provides spiritual support to the patient and family
  • Provides counseling when needed
  • Provides bereavement care for family 

Hospice Medical Director

  • Performs medical management or comfort care for patient 
  • Attends team meetings where they help patients and families to plan care and goals for the future.
  • Oversees patient care and provides support for the Hospice Team 

Certified Hospice Assistant

  • Provide personal care to patients 
  • Bathing, oral care and hair care
  • Skin care, incontinence care
  • Assist patient with dressing
  • Assist patient with walking and transfers
  • Assist patient with meals
  • Light housekeeping for the patient

Medical Social Worker

  • Communicate with nurses regarding the patient's psychosocial assessment and collaborate with community resources to meet the patient's needs.
  • Help patient achieve independence.
  • Help patient and families with family issues and conflicts.
  • Assist patient and their families/caregivers to manage personal and environmental challenges.


Summit Hospice Providers relies on the talents and dedication of our wonderful volunteers to provide and enhance services and programs to benefit our patients.


Hospice is an end-of-life care model that focuses on quality of life, which involves teams of doctors, nurses, hospice aides, social workers and chaplains. Volunteers are an important and integral part of our team! 


Sharing your time and gifts makes a positive difference in others’ lives. 


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